Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love Thursday

For the past two years, Lily has taken Creative Movement classes at Ballet Austin from the divine Joan Wolff - except Lily calls it "ballelet."

Lily loves ballet more than any other activity we've ever tried with her. When she first started taking the classes, she'd wake up each day and ask "Is I going to ballelet today?" I love this picture from last week's class - you can just tell how much fun she is having.

Lily's last Creative Movement class was last Thursday. Technically, she's supposed to move on to pre-ballet, but I'm not sure how she'll handle that. Apparently, Miss Joan is going to teach a Creative Movement class for kindergarteners one day a week for those who aren't ready for the next level, and we may put Lily in that class. But it won't be because she's not ready to tackle more challenges, but rather because she can't bear the thought of leaving Miss Joan.

Twice in the past month Lily has come out of her room, long after bedtime, sobbing about how she doesn't want to be in a different ballelet class. It breaks my heart that she is so upset about something she loves so much.

So I guess I'll see how the summer goes and talk to Lily when it comes time to register. Maybe then she'll be ready to move on.

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Keeffer said...

but lily HAS to go on to ballet. She just does.