Saturday, May 03, 2008

A special contest

So my bloggy friend Drunken Housewife is hosting a "name hok's baby" contest for me. Drunken Housewife is a cool San Francisco blogger and mother of two awesome girls. She fosters kittens and has ongoing battles with a psycho contractor who is building a house down the street. She also loves World of Warcraft, whatever the heck that is, and Project Runway Canada (Iman is a goddess).

So if you have an opinion about the name of our fourth child, drop on by and leave a comment. We'll take them under advisement, but I can't guarantee we'll use any of the suggestions.


Anonymous said...

How about Tallulah?

t. Cooke said...





jmokeeffe said...

just checking to see if this works.
Having fun checking out the baby names!

O'Pine said...

HOK, you can't be "anonymous" too.

I vote Diego. I'm trying to get some other friends to name their child Diego. I think the world should be full of little Diegos.

I also think Aloysius is an excellent choice.

For girls names, it obviously would have to be 4 letters, or it would upset the natural order of things.

OR, you could give her a rapper name, like L'il Something.

Shall I go on?

WA said...

I really like Marin, but not pronounced the SF way.

Marie said...

I love nomenclature, I wrote a guide about it once (in my sidebar). I think you have excellent taste.