Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crying "uncle"

I've had quite enough, now, thank you very much. I can't take anyone else getting hurt or sick, I just can't.

My Mother's Day started at 2:00 am when Ella tapped me on the shoulder. My initial thought was that she was so excited about Mother's Day that she was up bright and early to be the first to thank me for being such a great mom. Instead, she announced that she thrown up. I went into her room and quickly backed out again due to the smell. I yelled for back-up from Brandon and handed Ella a bucket. I gave B a pile of towels and cleaning spray and fled before I threw up from the smell. B cleaned everything up balanced on one foot and one crutch and put all the nasty towels in the washer and started it. I knew there was a reason I love him so much.

Ella spent Sunday pretty flat but was fine to go to school on Monday. Whatever she had was short-lived.

This morning, I took Lily to preschool early to be home in time to greet Campbell's babysitter. I was supposed to be working at Ella's school book fair this morning. But when we got out of the car at preschool, Lily started crying, saying she was going to throw up. I loaded her and Campbell back in the car, handed her a plastic bag to throw up in in, and called the sitter to cancel. Lily made it all the way home before throwing up on the door mat on the front porch. I put it straight in the trash. I'd rather buy a new one than clean up that mess.

I left Lily and Campbell with B, whose ability to take care of Campbell is somewhat limited since he still can't walk on his broken foot, so I could spend an hour at the book fair.

Lily is still dry heaving, and now I have a migraine. And B had to leave to meet with clients.

My hopes are that Lily's bout of whatever this is turns out to be as short-lived as Ella's was and that Campbell, B and I don't get it next. I really can't handle any more sickness right now.


Liz in Ink said...

Oh, man. How unjust.
Can I drop something by for you guys? Groceries, videos, laundry detergent?? Seriously...

Memarie Lane said...

Oy, Max is getting sick now too. Blargh.

t. Cooke said...

I noticed you didn't look right in that commercial you did with B and Lilly for the Garner Group. Maybe it's because you're sick!?!?