Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Playing tourist in our own town

Yesterday I took the kids on a long-promised trip to the new Town Lake Park, down by Auditorium Shores. I had an almost-blinding migraine, but I decided to grit my teeth and go, because I knew if we didn't, I'd spend the afternoon listening to crying and whining about how I had "PROMISED" to take them. I'm glad we went. The girls ran and laughed and splashed for an hour. Campbell staggered around after them, occassionaly venturing off on his own towards the big lawn. I'd have to head him off at the pass and herd him back to the proper area. As we left, Ella asked if she could wear her bathing suit the next time, and I said yes, but I honestly think that part of what made it so fun for them was that they were in their clothes getting soaked.

After we played in the fountains, I tried to get a picture of all three kids looking happy. It didn't go well.


The Kretzings said...

I can't believe how much that area has changed in just a few short years. It looks great! Wish we were there.

t. Cooke said...

Your little ones are growing up in a great city at a great time.

Anonymous said...

We're SO doing that! Was it fun?