Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cartoon-free morning

We had gotten in the habit during the summer of watching cartoons in the morning while we got ready for the day. Lily's preschool and all of Ella's camps started at 9:00, so there wasn't the sense of urgency we have during the school year, when school starts at 7:40. The girls would get up, get breakfast - Ella can now make herself and her sister toast or eggo waffles - and then turn on Noggin or Nick, Jr. and hang out while I fed the baby and read the paper.

On Monday, they wanted to do the usual routine, but I put a stop to it. We don't have time on school days for them to become hypnotized by Dora or the Backyardigans, or SpongeBob (my personal favorite). I had protests and repeated requests on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday they didn't even ask to watch t.v. while they were getting ready. Not even Lily, who got to watch cartoons during the spring after Ella left and before I took her to preschool. Thursday and Friday were the same.

This morning they both got up and made toast and started a joint art project with their new, huge art pad. It wasn't until 9:30, when I tried to turn on the news, that they asked to watch cartoons.

I let them watch Playhouse Disney and some god-awful show called Johnny and Sprites, which was so sweet that my teeth hurt, but they only lasted for about half an hour before they went back to drawing. Shortly after that, they asked to go outside to ride bikes and roller skate. It did my heart good to know that they aren't complete couch potatoes, despite a summer with lots of cartoons.

I think I'm going to continue the cartoon-free mornings on weekends if I can. It's nice to start the day without the extra noise and commotion.

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