Sunday, September 30, 2007

Panic mode

I'm panicking just a bit. I leave town Wednesday morning for five days away. This is the first time I've left B with all three kids. The last time I went on a trip was almost two years ago when I went to New York and found out I was pregnant with Campbell. How time flies.

The girls are pretty well squared away each day. Ella's in school until almost three, and Lily is in preschool every morning. Campbell's pretty easy to entertain at the house, but it is tough to concentrate and work with him noodling around. B can easily work from home, it's just a question of whether he'll get any work done while he's here. Which is what's making me panic.

He's stressed about three days of potentially falling behind, and his stress is affecting me. I'm almost at the point of cancelling the trip, which will just kill my mother and our friend Jean, whom we're staying with for the two of the days. I know that I need to get away and that I've earned this break (boy have I earned this break), but it's still hard to think about leaving for so long.

Wednesday I get into Baltimore at 1:30 and meet up with my mom, who arrives about 30 minutes before I do, and then we head into DC. We're staying at some shi-shi place near the White House (maybe I can stroll over and kick the current occupant of the WH in the shins) and the Mall. We'll do touristy stuff Wednesday afternoon and evening. I plan to use my morning run on Thursday to tour the Mall and see all the big monuments.

Thursday afternoon our long-time family friend Jean is meeting us at the National Gallery to see an Edward Hopper exhibit. I don't care so much about seeing the exhibit; I just used it an excuse to go on the trip. After the National Gallery we'll head to Shepherds Town, W VA, where Jean lives, to spend two days at her house doing absolutely nothing.

In the meantime, there's just so much to do! I have laundry to fold and get put away so the kids and husband don't have to go naked by day 5, groceries to buy, and work to do. I have two projects going on at Holt, both with deadlines this week. Eek. I'm hoping B's tablet PC is back from the shop by the time I leave so that I can take the laptop. If I can't take it, I'll be so far behind by the time I get home.

Eek. I need to stop writing and get working!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much. Just pack and go. Don't even pack as much as necessary. Wear the same thing twice.

t. Cooke said...

It could be a great thing for B and the kids. Really. Maybe you need a break, too?!?