Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birthday present revealed

Mom arrived today, and I broke down and gave her my present. I had it sitting on the dresser in Campbell's bedroom, which is where she sleeps. Here it is:

It's a collage by an artist named Claudine Hellmuth. I found out about her from Heidi, who had gotten a collage of her kids (and her dog and cat) for her husband for father's day. I fell in love with the picture and decided that one would be perfect for my mother's somethingth birthday.

It's an easy process. You fill out a request form and send Claudine photos that you want to use. She photocopies the faces and incorporates them into the collage. What you can't tell from the picture is that it has texture - Ella's belt is a ribbon, and the songs coming out of the birds' mouths are from musical scores. The grass is tissue paper over the canvas.

Heidi helped me pick out a frame and matting (with further help from this awesome guy at Jerry's Artarama), and I put everything together for her. The way the mats are cut you can see the rumpled edge of the canvas and the tissue paper and the wrinkles. It looks wonderful.

Fortunately, after all the buildup I've given her, mom loved the picture. I'm having a hard time with the idea that I have to let it go. I've gotten used to having it in my bedroom. Perhaps it's time I commission one for myself.

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Anonymous said...

That's adorable! I think I might have to get one too! Thanks for the link!