Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Several times a year I go through horrible bouts of insomnia, and unfortunately, this is one of those times. I fall asleep without a problem; B will attest that I am dead to the world about 15 minutes after I go to bed - often with the light on and a book across my face.

My problem is staying asleep. This week I've been popping awake at 4 am like clockwork. I think it started when Campbell went through a phase where he woke up at 4 and whimpered for a few minutes. As soon as I went in and patted his back, he'd go right back to sleep. My body got used to waking up then, and I can't get it to stop.

During the time I'm awake I've written some amazing blog entries in my head that haven't made it onto the blog because I've forgotten about them in the morning. I've wandered the house, cleaning up toys. I've replied to work e-mails. I've done everything but fall back to sleep immediately.

It usually takes about an hour for me to settle back down and drift off. Unfortunately, Campbell likes to nurse at about 5:30, so I get woken up right after I've gone back to sleep. Then I have to get back up again at 6:45 to get my day started. As a result, I'm exhausted.

I've tried taking a benadryl to knock me out, but I just wake up even foggier and with a killer sinus headache that turns into a migraine, which is worse than being tired. After my bad experience with making phone calls I don't remember after taking ambien, I'm reluctant to try heavier sleep aids.

So I guess I'll ride it out and wait for this phase to pass. But while I'm waiting, don't be surprised if you get e-mails from me at odd hours.

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