Thursday, April 15, 2010

Threats, Bribes and Bluebonnets

It's a rite of spring in Central Texas to plop your kids in one of the many fields of wildflowers that line the sides of the roads and take their pictures. Of course, most families do their photo shoots Easter weekend and dress their kids in beautiful, matching spring outfits.

I haven't managed to get bluebonnet pictures of the kids since we added Campbell and Elizabeth to the family, so I was bound and determined to get photos this year. Of course, I didn't manage to do it Easter weekend, so yesterday I decided it was time to get it over with. I promised the big girls dinner from P. Terry's if they cooperated, and it turns out, the girls will do just about anything for P. Terry's.
I didn't even try to get the kids into matching outfits and instead opted for whatever I could convince them to put on. Campbell and Elizabeth were easy, since they didn't much care. But it took some convincing to get Ella to put on a dress. We ended up working out a compromise that involved a dress AND shorts. And when Lily pulled out her winter boots to wear with her spring dress, I decided not to argue. I didn't want her eyes all puffy and red from the sobbing that would surely ensue if I made her change shoes.
And off we went.

I took a few of all four kids but gave up on my goal of getting one good picture of all of them. Campbell wouldn't take his hands away from his eyes, and I couldn't get Lily to keep looking at the camera.

Campbell took off to run up and down the hill almost immediately, so I took some of the girls together. It didn't last long, though. Elizabeth didn't like being in the flowers and grass, and Lily started sobbing that a thorn was poking her bottom. So I set them all loose to just run around, and I took pictures while they did it.
Campbell had the best time running up and down the hill. He only fell a few times and popped up laughing every time he did. He liked exploring the paths that other people had already trampled in the field.

Ella mostly just wandered around looking at the flowers. The shorts with the dress are just so lovely. Sigh.

Lily, of course, twirled and twirled in the flowers are she ran around. The girl was just meant to pose for pictures in fields of flowers.

Maybe next year I'll get one good photo of all four. But I doubt it.


Bejewell said...

That last one is breathtaking! I say embrace the sorts. They are what they are.

Ann in NJ said...

Memory-wise, action shots beat posed any day.

But I agree, it's nice to have a nice one - but even with my kids, I can't get one where EVERYBODY looks good at the same time.

Elliott said...

Oh, the bluebonnets! Great shots.

Baino said...

Heather I don't know why you bother, your candid shots are so much more vibrant and reflect who the children really are. Forget the formal stuff, that's for school photographers to worry about, these are just lovely.

Joan said...

Beautiful pics and boy, do I ever remember posing just like that when I was little. Quintessential central Texas!

anymommy said...

Perfect. We have a wall that blooms such gorgeous colors. I have pictures of the kids on it from every May. Love it.

B in Austin said...

You are so cool.