Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The day started out so well

Warning, blatant mommyblogger post ahead. And gross stuff.

My day really did start out very well. I got out the door before dawn for a four-mile run and finished before any of the kids woke up. I got Lily up and moving for breakfast without her waking up Campbell in the process. And I even managed to get her out the door without her crying a single time.

After that, I checked my e-mail and found out that one of my posts had been picked up by Deep South Moms Blog.

Next up, I broke the news to Ella that I had let her sleep in because she had a doctor's appointment for her severe allergies. Ella views going to the doctor as punishment, so she gave me the silent treatment all through breakfast.

And that's when things started going wrong.

Ella was in a bedroom playing with Campbell, when she yelled that there was a problem. Turns out he had pooped in his pants, and it had fallen out on the floor. Once I got Campbell and the floor cleaned up, I had yet another talk with him about how we don't poop in our pants.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth fell over and started screaming. I picked her up and sat on the sofa to comfort her, and she promptly threw up all over the two of us and my hand-knit blanket. At first, I thought maybe she had thrown up because she was crying so hard. But after she'd quieted down, she threw up again. Le sigh.

I got us both cleaned up and sat Elizabeth on the sofa in a nest of towels, only to discover that Campbell had pooped in his pants AGAIN.

That's when I started cursing.

So I cleaned him up AGAIN and tossed all the vomit- and poop-covered clothing and towels in the wash.

And that's when Elizabeth threw up all over the place again.


I escaped the mess to take Ella to her doctor's appointment. He loaded her up with some new allergy medicines, including a nasal spray that I just know we're going to have to pin her down to use. My plan was to drop her off at school on the way home, but in the car she started complaining that her head hurt. So I let her come home with me. Of course, she's been pinging around the house like nothing's wrong. The plus side is that she's been keeping Campbell very entertained.

It's 1:30 and Elizabeth is asleep with a fever. She hasn't thrown up in hours, but I'm not letting my guard down yet. The day is still young.


Becca said...

all you need is a sick dog in that mix!

Donna said...

Awesome...poop AND vomit all in one day. Aren't we mothers so lucky :-)

adrienne breaux said...

Oh no! Totally gross. But congratulations, too!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Those are the mommy days that are terrible when you're in them, but long forgotten after you're past them. Hang in there.