Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No pictures

We had an explosion of cuteness in the kitchen the other night. The big girls, instead of cleaning up the kitchen, were playing Ring Around the Rosy with Campbell. Elizabeth heard the commotion and went zipping into the kitchen. She stood on the side for a moment, watching the big kids, and then started twirling in circles and falling down.

The big girls grabbed Elizabeth's hands and included her in the fun. And that's when things got really, squee-ably cute. Elizabeth loved shouting "Down" even if it wasn't the right time. And every time she did, the big three would fall down with her, all of them giggling their heads off.

My immediate impulse was to run and grab my camera. But then I stopped myself. No picture would be able to accurately portray the fun and laughter. So I decided to just sit and watch the show. The memories will last longer than any picture ever could.


Liz @ Peace, Love and Guacamole said...

How fun and adorable. I'm always thinking about the "watch vs. capture" dilemma as well. It's a hard balance for me!

Shelly said...

Slow down and enjoy! We need to heed that reminder more often!

Ann in NJ said...

Pictures never quite capture all of the cute, anyway.

Doesn't it make you want to sweep them all into a big mama bear hug?

The Kretzings said...

Very sweet.

I've had many a moment like that too, and I usually just sit and enjoy it. Besides, my kids tend to freeze up when the camera "eye" comes out, and it can never really capture the scene of the joy anyway.