Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And now the hard work begins

Two years ago, I put my name in for the New York City Marathon lottery. And then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with Elizabeth. Fortunately, I didn't get a number, so I only lost the $11 it cost to register for the lottery.

So this year I put my name in again. The lottery drawing was this morning. I just logged on and found out that I'm in! Woo.

I've wanted to run the New York City Marathon since before I ever even dreamed of running a marathon. There's just something about this race that seems magical to me. Maybe it's because I love being in New York City so much.

I'm simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Thrilled because my dream of running this race is going to come true. Terrified because I know from experience just how hard training for a marathon is, especially given that I'll be doing the bulk of my long runs in the summer heat.

New York City, here I come.


Becca said...


(you're all winners!)

Shelly said...

That's awesome! At least this summer is supposed to be mild. No 69 consecutive 100 degree days to run through.

Ann in NJ said...

Hey, you're coming to my neck of the woods! Congratulations! Perhaps we'll have to hit some yarn stores together.

Donna said...

AWESOME....that is SO exciting. That's in November if I you have plenty of time to train. I am going to really enjoy hearing about this on your blog. Have you got a training plan you follow or are you just going to wing it?

O'Pine said...