Sunday, April 25, 2010

NYC Training Week 3

If there was ever a week for me to skip running, this was it. The two little kids have been trading the croup back and forth, and I haven't gotten a lot of sleep or time without a child in my lap. But I managed to get out and run. It wasn't pretty, but I ran.

Monday 5 - at the Trail with the running group
Wednesday 2 + circuits*
Friday 3.5 - in the neighborhood (miserably humid)
Saturday 4 - at the Trail during Lily's ballet class

Total - 14.5

I managed to run four times and my mileage is creeping up. My goal is to get to 20 per week and then hold there for a while. I'll do that by running longer on Saturdays when I have more time.

I'm still looking forward to the day when my body says, "Running! I remember this,"and it becomes easy again. Someday, going out for a four or five mile run will be "easy," and I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

*Circuits - I do a lap around the block and then do lunges, squats, step-ups, and crunches in my driveway. This week I did four laps and 3 sets of circuits. My goal is to get to 5 sets.


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

You go girl!

Janice Ellen Wright said...

Just adding a "good for you!" for getting out there!

Amy said...

Good on you, getting out there in spite of all the reasons not to. That's the part that's just plain mental.

And the physical part will catch up, it WILL, and you'll find yourself going out for "a quick 5" ... hang in there!