Thursday, February 26, 2009

What do you think I do all day?

Lily is home from school today. She's that annoying level of sick - she doesn't feel well enough to go to school, but she doesn't feel sick enough to be flat on the sofa watching movies.

She spent most of the morning following me around, driving me insane. Lily pestered me to read with her, to do art projects with her, to play games with her. I was trying to get real work done, and she wanted to me to entertain her.

At one point I turned to her and said, "Lily, what do you think I do all day while you're at school? I have actual work to do, you know." She looked stunned.

It dawned on me that she and Ella probably think I spend all day sitting here, staring at the door, waiting for them to get home from school.

After that, Lily stopped following me around and switched to asking me if I was done working yet every 15 minutes. I escaped to a lunch meeting and left B to entertain her.

Now she's in "rest" time while Campbell supposedly naps. With any luck Lily will be begging to go back to school tomorrow.


Unknown said...

yeah, kids have no idea of a world without them...

Cathy said...

i hear you--Ethan had the day off from school today and followed me around today too! The guilt over doing laundry just poured in.

bernthis said...

I agree. It's hard when they can't go to school but they're not so tired they just want to sit on the couch and not move,

then again, as moms, I will state the obvious, i'd rather a little sick then something horrible. I know you'll agree