Friday, February 20, 2009

Out of such a sweet little mouth

The other night the girls were reading a story, and two of the characters were having a fight. B asked them what they thought one character should do to solve the problem. Out of Lily, all pink cheeks, freckles, blue eyes and missing teeth, came this suggestion:

He should kick him in the nuts!

My mom and B gasped for air, trying not to laugh, as I choked out, "Where did you hear that!!???" Lily looked up matter of factly and named a girl in her class who has a third-grade brother.

She's learning more at school than I want her to.


Ann in NJ said...

Yes, they will do that. And then it's the moms who have to explain "appropriate" while the dads run off to the hallway to burst out laughing.

Sometimes the hardest part of being a parent is NOT laughing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Both of mine have come home with SEVERAL delightful verbal advancements and new ideas after school.

Tony Cooke said...

My 5th grade class circa 1978.

Mrs. Stevens asks us, "I need a noun. Someone give me a noun."

Tim Baum says, "Dildo!"

"Go to the office right now!", Mrs. Stevens says.

Tim started to cry. He didn't know what a dildo was. He just heard the word and thought it was funny.

I'm glad Lilly didn't get punished for something she didn't understand.

bernthis said...

some kid at my daughters school had an assignemnt and well long story short, he ended up writing a bunch of curse words he had learned from his 16 year old brother.

Anonymous said...

Oh, too funny. I'd have cracked up, I couldn't have helped myself. All of mine have come out with various colorful words and phrases, and really I don't mind that so much, since it's just as likely that they got them from BigDaddyFish and me as from anything at school. It's the startlingly bad attitude and disrespect that I could live without.