Friday, February 13, 2009


At some point when Campbell was a baby, he was given "Roo" as a nickname. We had no idea how apt a nickname it would prove to be. Local singer Joe McDermott has a song about a baby kangaroo who likes to bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce some more. The girls and I have decided it describes Campbell exactly.

One day last week, when Campbell was sick with a really bad case of croup, I heard him wake up from his nap, and then I heard some suspicious noises. I went in to his room, video camera in hand, to see what was up. Notice his very dramatic coughs.


If this is him sick, imagine what he's like when he's healthy.


FishyGirl said...

hahaha, he looks like he's going to go sailing out of there any second. Nemo loves to bounce like Tigger, too, though he doesn't quite get the hangtime Campbell does. How funny.

calicobebop said...

So adorable! Did he say "Get Out!" at the end? I love the dramatic "whoops, I'm supposed to be sick so I can get sympathy" coughs. Ah, childhood.

bernthis said...

This is him sick? Are you kidding? That is me at 25 after a ten hour sleep and a five mile run

Ann in NJ said...

I'm here to tell you, it probably won't get any better. I have one of those. He's 7 now, and doesn't walk if he can skip, skip if he can hop, or hop if he can run.

Love the coughs.

Miss 376 said...

Probably a bit like my brother. He was off school sick but decided it would be fun to tie his hands and feet together. He dislocated his shoulder when he fell off the back of the settee. Can you imagine my mum as she is trying to explain to the doctor why he was home

Cathy said...

my kids are the same way--they have to have raging fevers, etc before the act sick. It's so frustrating. I hope he feels better!