Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There's a saying in Texas that goes something like, "Don't like the weather? Wait a minute, it'll change." Yesterday was a prime example. We had a high of 81 in the afternoon, and then at 9:00 pm, it snowed. In between we had incredible wind and thunderstorms.

The kids were delirious with excitement this morning when they saw the snow/ice on the cars and the back porch. I don't envy the teachers at school today - they have 200 kids thrilled that it snowed. They were all a bit wild in the halls before the bell rang.

We don't get snow here very often, maybe every other year, and it rarely amounts to much. So we have to enjoy it when we can.

Ella and Lily hustled through their morning routines so they could go out and play before we left for school. They each made a little snowball.


Cathy said...

Wow--what a change! We had a similar weather pattern in CO this week, too. It was 65 and then a storm went through and it snowed.

Shelly said...

My son is four so if we have had snow before in his lifetime he doesn't remember. He was totally fired up! "It's on the car! It's on the house!" I hope the teachers let them run around in it for a while this morning, just to wind them down a little bit.

Unknown said...

serioulsy? 80 to snow in a day? wild

Anonymous said...

They were Delirious???

hokgardner said...
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hokgardner said...

Thanks, mom. I mean Mrs. Anonymous.

donna said... Texas...well I never! How exciting for you. We get snow a lot during the winter in Washington but I have to say even I get "delirious" with excitement with the first snow. Must be the child in me!