Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The magic is still there

I was a bit worried about Ella and Santa this year. One day after school she announced that a boy in her class had said that Santa was really kids' moms and dads. I started preparing an explanation about how yes it was parents but big sisters have a responsibility to not ruin it for their siblings or else there would be no presents. But I stopped myself and asked Ella what she thought. Ever the pragmatic child, she said, "I think if you don't believe in Santa, he won't bring you presents." I agreed with her and breathed a sigh of relief.

Christmas morning, Ella hit our bedroom door with a thud at 1:00 am. She burst in yelling, "He came! Santa came. And he ate the cookies and brought a scooter and a pogo stick!" I told her to get back in bed and go back to sleep. "But I'm too excited," she wailed.

When I got up to give Campbell his morning milk at 6:00 am, Ella was peering at me over the top of her bunk bed rail, her brown eyes open wide. I told her it was still too early, and she groaned and rolled over.

The girls were so thrilled when they were allowed out at 7:00. Santa had eaten the cookies they had left and given them new cookies as a replacement. They thought that was the best thing and told all the relatives about it later in the day.

What with the new baby and all the medical bills we're dealing with, it was a modest Christmas. It did my heart good that the girls didn't notice in the least and were happy with the presents they got. Poor Ella doesn't weigh enough to use her new pogo stick -she needs at least another 20 pounds - but when I suggested that maybe we see if we could find a way to trade it in, she protested. "It won't be the one Santa brought me, and it won't have a red bow on it!" So it's sitting in the garage, unused. Since Ella was such a good sport about the pogo stick, I found a scooter on sale at Target last night and got it for her. She was so excited that I wanted to cry. She gave me the biggest hug and drew me a thank you note.

Lily got a scooter from Santa and a new princess dress and is in heaven. My mom also gave the girls each a little canvas bag from LL Bean, and Lily has been toting hers around all week. It has ner new spy kit and note pads and lotions and all sorts of flotsam in there.

Campbell wasn't sure who this Santa person was, but he did love the presents. In true two-year-old fashion, he'd open one toy and be so excited about it that he'd wander off to play, ignoring the other gifts in his pile. It made everyone laugh that he was just as excited about his new "shooz" as he was his new trains, which he spent much of the morning playing with while wearing his shoes.

It was a good Christmas, but I'm glad it's done.


Unknown said...

you know, being an only child and an only grandchild on one side and a much younger grandchild on the other, my son has the potential to get really spoiled and overdone at Christmas, but we had a really modest one this year too, by choice, and it was great. he was totally happy with his 3 presents from Santa (pointedly NOT getting everything he asked fore, i am such a meenie!) and 3 from relatives. I think we'll keep it that way.

And on the medical bills, I can only imagine. My co-pay with insurance for a week in ICU was $3,000. Your bills must be scary. But they will get paid when they get paid, you still have live.

Keeffer said...

his orthopedic shooz?