Sunday, December 14, 2008

It did not go well

I've been wanting to take pictures for a week, but I had to wait for the latest bruise on Campbell's head to mostly heal and for Ella's snaggle tooth to finally fall out. Today it seemed like the stars aligned for me.

First, I started with just the big girls, who loved getting into their fancy dresses, which they picked out themselves.

Then we added Elizabeth, who cooperated by sleeping.

Next, we tried to get Campbell into the picture. Even with the singing snowman, he wanted no part of the proceedings.

So I joined the group even though I was dressed in ratty jeans and a t-shirt. My hair was a mess and I wasn't wearing make-up, but I was willing to take one for the team if it meant a picture of all the kids. Campbell kept crying, so we gave up and went inside for snacks.

We made another attempt later in the day, with the singing snowman still in tow. I think this is our winner - everyone but Elizabeth is looking at the camera, and no one is crying.

When Campbell started running around, I gave up.


Cathy said...

That's great! Yeah, it took us 10 or more pics to get a decent one for the card, and we still don't have everyone looking. :)

Anonymous said...

I gave up before I started this year. Just couldn't get everyone to cooperate at the same time.

LTYM said...

That's the Campbell I met. But he's such a CUTE blur...