Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a day

First, at Becca's request, some new pictures. In the top photo, Elizabeth just looks the absolute picture of contentment. She snoozed in knittergran's lap like that for an hour. Knittergran finally moved Elizabeth to her bouncy seat so that she could knit - she's trying to finish a sweater for Elizabeth before she leaves on Saturday (sob).

The second picture is blurry because the flash didn't go off for some reason, but you can get an idea of how teeny Elizabeth is. That's my finger she's holding. The hat she's wearing is one that I knit last month. I was worried it would be too small for her. Instead, it's a bit big. Elizabeth manages to squiggle out of it during the night.

And now for something completely different. Yesterday was one for the record books. I still don't think I've recovered.

I was out in the front, loading car seats into my car so that mom, who has to drive me, and I could drop some of my unfinished work off at the publisher I work for and then go to the scary baby store when B called for me. I went in to find him holding a pill bottle with my anti-nausea meds in it. He asked how many had been in the bottle, but I couldn't tell him.

Campbell had walked up to B with with the open pill bottle, and when B asked him if he had eaten any, nodded yes. So B called poison control, and they told him to get Campbell to the ER. B headed out with Campbell while I stayed home and tried not to absolutely freak out.

The doctor told B that he didn't think Campbell had eaten any of the pills because they taste awful when chewed and he thought Campbell would have spit the pill out rather than swallow it. B hadn't found any pill residue in Campbell's mouth or on his clothes, but the doctor still had to treat Campbell as if he had eaten one. So Campbell got to drink chocolate milk mixed with charcoal, which was supposed to make him throw up. He never did. They held Campbell for observation for two hours - I had joined them after an hour and half - and then released him with instructions for us to watch him closely for the rest of the day. Campbell never showed any ill effects, aside from disgusting charcoal diapers today, so we're guessing he didn't eat anything.

Still, better safe than sorry.

(Warning - gross stuff ahead)

As if the day hadn't been exciting enough, at about 9:00 pm, we heard sounds of wretching and splattering from the girls' room. Ella was throwing up. She had told us she didn't feel well before she went to bed, so we gave her a puke bucket. Unfortunately, when she started throwing up, she was still mostly asleep, so she just leaned over the rail of the top bunk and let loose. Since I can't afford to get sick, I sent B in to clean it all up. It was awful.

So even though I'm horribly tired, it was a good day just by virtue of the fact that no one threw up or went to the ER.


Shelly said...

Oh my god! So scary! Those child-proof pill bottles don't always live up to their billing, do they?

I'm really sorry about the stomach sickness going around your house. Stay away from those people! You do not want to catch that.

Hope everyone is feeling better today. Beautiful baby!

Cathy said...

Wow--what an awful day! So glad everyone is ok. Love the baby pics.

Cathy said...

Wow--what an awful day! So glad everyone is ok. Love the baby pics.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just look how tiny.

I want one. Sigh.

And how scary with the pills! I have some fairly high-powered stuff in the house, for migraines; I've always worried that someone will get into them. So far, it hasn't happened... amen.

The charcoal isn't necessarily meant to make someone throw up - it can, and it's fine if that happens, but it's mostly meant to deactivate and bond to most non-naturally-occurring chemicals in the stomach. Some people throw up, but most don't. (Many, many of my clients have recently received charcoal treatments...)

Hope you get a completely boring, normal, chill day now! You've earned a few.

Becca said...

AHHH, wow what a day! and poor baby puking

thanks for the pics

Anonymous said...

urgh, we have the pukies here too - how exactly did that happen? They don't travel over the internet, do they?

Seriously, that's one cute baby. I'm so glad you're sharing her with us.

MadMad said...

Ay-yay-yay! You poor things! I can't imagine how you've held it together through all this! But the pics are beautiful. What a cutie!