Monday, October 27, 2008


I am far too sleep deprived and frazzled to write anything close to coherent today. In addition to a newborn, I'm dealing with two sick kids home from school. I'm learning that with four kids, there's always something going wrong.

If there's anything sweeter than a sleeping baby, I don't know what it is. B insists on swaddling Elizabeth with both of her hands tucked in the blanket. She always manages to get one free, though.

I love when babies sleep with their arms over their heads like this. Elizabeth is wearing the Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Jacket my mom knit for her. I'm working on knitting a matching hat out of the leftover wool. Not surprisingly, I'm having a hard time finding opportunities to knit.

Elizabeth rarely cries - usually it's because I've done something mean like changed her diaper or given her a bath. Here she was crying because I had changed her diaper and then tortured her by taking pictures. I wanted to get a picture of how she still curls up her legs against her chest, but she was kicking and flailing instead.


Cathy said...

I hope your kids get well soon--you must be exhausted! Hang in there. The baby jacket is adorable!!

Becca said...

Thanks for the pics, she's lovely. Wishing you sleep.

Anonymous said...

I was just commenting to a friend, today, about how my children have reached an age when they are able to stay quietly in bed until 8:00, get up, feed themselves breakfast, watch TV or play quietly, and wake me gently at 9:00. And then I wonder why it is I keep trying to have another baby and willfully destroy that routine.

But I see photos like that, and I remember why.

Anonymous said...

See, that's why I don't post every day, or even sometimes every week. Just too much going on to stay on top of it, but it does get better, I promise you. It does.

So sorry your bigs are sick - I hope it stays with them and doesn't spread to you or your littles.

I love the pumpkin onesie, and it looks like she's putting a bit of meat on those bones - go mama!

Shelly said...

I only have one, who was home sick yesterday, and I am exhausted! I think you are holding up remarkably well. I mean, the baby got a bath! Go, HOK!

bernthis said...

You really brought me back to the early days. My daughter used to do exactly that..we'd wrap her like a sausage and bingo, hello little hand. Thanks for the memory