Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and ends

My mom, knittergran, knit this adorable jacket for Elizabeth. Check out her blog for more details on the knitting of it - it's called the Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Jacket, and the surprise is that it is knit in all one piece. I took a picture of it next to a book so you could get an idea of how small it is.
As small as the jacket is, it's still much bigger than Elizabeth. But at the rate she's eating, I'm sure she'll grow into it in no time. And after watching my mom knit the jacket, I'm tempted to make one, too.
The poor guys - they are so outnumbered. B knows he is; Campbell hasn't figured it out yet.
Ella's top three teeth have been loose for ages. The tooth to the left of her front teeth fell out last Sunday, and she looked really goofy. But it got worse last night when her right front tooth fell out while she was at a slumber party. One friend's father said it looked like Ella had been in a fight. Ella was mostly just excited that the Tooth Fairy found her at the slumber party and left her a dollar. I'm just happy that the party Tooth Fairy pays the same rate for teeth as the normal Tooth Fairy.


The Kretzings said...

Tooth fairies at slumber parties too?? Wow, parental responsibilities really are endless, huh?

Becca said...

Elizabeth is so teensy, she's adorable!!!!
And I remember the snaggle-tooth phase well. it's an awkward one even for pretty girls!(which I was not)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I didn't know that the tooth fairy came to parties - awesome!

Elizabeth is such a little peanut, but that jacket will be too small for her before you know it. It's beautiful. I have to confess I'm jealous - my grandmother used to knit all sorts of wonderous things for me and my kids, and she died before Nemo was born. What a blessing you have in your mom, for so many reasons.