Friday, October 03, 2008


A while back, my good friend S told us a funny story during one of our long, dark, early morning runs, and today I couldn't help but think of it and laugh.

S had cleaned out her closet and rounded up all the dry cleaning hangers she could find and put them in the trash, knowing that the recycling truck wouldn't pick them up. Her husband, D, found the hangers in the trash and fished them all out. D carefully bundled them up with twine and took them to their dry cleaners. He asked if they recycled hangers, and they said they did. So he unloaded all the hangers and went back to his car feeling very good about things. To leave this particular dry cleaner's parking lot, you have to drive around the back of the building, where the dumpsters reside. D drove around back just in time to see the employee who had assured him that they recycled hangers toss D's entire load into the dumpster. He was so deflated. Every time I drive by that particular dry cleaner's I think of D and his hangers and laugh.

Why do I bring this up? This morning, I took about 200 hangers to our dry cleaners. It took me half an hour to bundle them on to string while Campbell merrily destroyed my closet and bathroom. All my careful work went out the window when I picked up the bundles to take them to the car. I ended up with this mess.

When I dropped off B's clothes at our dry cleaners, I asked if they recycled hangers and was assured they did. I was relieved to not see the dry cleaning guy carrying them out to the dumpster as I left. And I was even more relieved to have them out of my closet.

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Kate said...

You're such a grown-up. I wouldn't be able to tell you where a dry cleaner even WAS near me. And we've lived here 3 1/2 years.