Monday, September 15, 2008

Two hats in two days

When my mother was here in July, she brought me a skein of yarn from a South African company called Be Sweet. The wool was called Magic Ball and the colorway was "Nemo's World." The skein contains multiple kinds of wool all blended together and had enough wool to make two baby hats.

I've been working on a pair of socks that just won't end, so the other night I took a break and cast on the first of the baby hats, using a pattern from Be Sweet. Basically, I used size 9 dpns, cast on 54 stitches and knit for four inches. Then I ran a ribbon through the last row and cinched it tight. Et voila, a hat. I'm just worried that they are too little.

I used Lily's doll, Bitty Baby, as a model. This first hat is definitely a girl baby hat. The very top stripe has pink fluffy stuff in it.

This second hat could work for a boy baby. I could add a blue ribbon or some sort of trim to the top if I need to. There are bobbles of yarn on the top that were in the wool, and boy were they tough to knit around. I had to monkey around with the stitches to get the bobbles on the outside of the hat.
I may go to the yarn store and pick out more fluffy yarn to make more of these hats. I have a bunch of pregnant friends, and they'd make good gifts, especially since they are so fast and easy to knit.


Memarie Lane said...

You might try decorative buttons for the boy hats. I sewed a bunch of baby bucket hats for friends once and the buttons I stuck on top were a big hit. Frogs, trucks, stuff like that.

Jolly Roger said...

I CANNOT tell you how impressed I am that you can knit and not be obsessive. I don't DARE pick up my needles until .... winter comes? Something, because I just WON'T stop.

You ROCK! And I owe you a story!

Doll Clothes Gal said...

They look great - you are very good at capturing detail and style.