Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baby clothes

So it turns out that when you're 35 weeks' pregnant with your fourth child and you think you're past getting excited about baby gear, you can still get all mushy over tiny baby clothes.

My mom, otherwise known as knittergran, went a little nuts at the store the other day and bought a bunch of baby clothes for Baby Bee. The box arrived Monday, and I sat on the floor oohing and aaahing over all of it. There's a particularly sweet little fuzzy jacket with ears on the hood that sent me into raptures. B watched me unpack the box and rolled his eyes the whole time.

The girls were just as excited about the box of stuff. They spent quite a while looking everything over and exclaiming about how tiny it all is. Even though they both remember when Campbell was born, they don't have any recollection of just how tiny he was as a new baby. They're going to be pretty surprised when the finally see Baby Bee.

Speaking of seeing Baby Bee, I get to have another ultrasound in two weeks. I'm measuring small, so the doctor wants to take a peek. On the one hand, it will be nice to see the baby. On the other, our stupid #()*@(*# insurance doesn't cover ultrasounds, so I know I'll be coughing up a big chunk of change for the chance to see the baby.


Anonymous said...

Baby stuff is specifically designed to get the biggest, burliest, surliest mountain man to tilt his head and go, "Awwww." It's just how it's made.

It'll be interesting to see how my two deal with a newborn, assuming we're ever able to provide such a commodity around here. It's easy to forget just how tiny they really are.

Carly said...

I often oooh and ahhhh over baby clothes in the stores and I'm no where near ready to have a little one to fit inside them!

Anonymous said...

My kids still get all excited when we have an excuse to buy baby clothes. My cousin had a baby last week and I thought my girls were going to faint. They get nutsy when we get stuff out for Nemo, too. It's one of the more fun things about having a bunch of them :-)

joanna said...

I washed baby clothes last night and Sam was very pleased with the tiny socks. I mean really, who can resist tiny socks? One more week to go.

Catalina said...

Lately, I have been addicted to baby clothes. It is just so fun to shop for baby clothes.