Monday, September 22, 2008

The eighth pair

Yesterday afternoon I finished the socks that wouldn't end. I bought the wool in July when my mom was here, and I loved the colors on the skein.

I didn't, however, like how the socks striped up. The colors and stripes are a bit too busy for me. I had cast on with a ladder pattern, but once I got about two inches into the first sock I realized it was just too much with the stripes, the colors, and the ribbing pattern. So I ripped everything out and started over with just a plain pattern. The first sock knit quickly, mostly because we were at the beach and I was trapped in the house with Campbell. The second sock was a struggle to finish. I even took time away from knitting it to do some baby hats.

After I finished the socks, I counted up what I've knit in the past year - it's been almost exactly a year since my mom got me started on my first pair of socks. Here's my tally:

8 pairs of socks
6 pairs of baby booties
3 baby hats
1 grown-up hat
1 felted purse

That's not bad for a year of squeezing knitting in where I can.

I'm feeling burned out on socks for the moment, so I'm knitting some more baby hats out of a watch cap pattern that I'm making up as I go along. Next I might try a sweater. My mom sent me the pattern that she used to make this sweater for Campbell. It's knit on circular needles from the neck down and sounds like something I can handle. I'll visit the yarn store tomorrow night while I'm waiting for Ella to finish climbing practice.


Cathy said...

That's awesome--you are an inspriation. I'm attempting fingerless gloves right now, and have had to start over 3 times. But reading all these great knitting blogs are encouraging. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute, indeed!

I haven't made socks in ages. Not since March, when I made 2 pairs and was only happy with one of them. Must try again soon...