Thursday, September 18, 2008

Election day baby

Finally, after months of stress and waiting, I have a delivery date set. Provided that I don't go into labor early, which given my track record with babies is entirely possible, my c-section is scheduled for 7:00 am on Tuesday, November 4.

For the first time since I turned 18, I'll have to do early voting. I love the routine and process of going to the polling place on election day and standing in line with my neighbors. But this year's election is just too important to miss, even though my vote for president doesn't count for much in Texas, which is thoroughly Republican.

Also, an update on my doctor - she has indeed had to retire from practicing due to a degenerative bone disorder in her hands. It's heartbreaking - she is so good at what she does and loves it so much. I saw my new doctor this week, and while she's not Dr. L., I feel good about switching to her practice. She'll be the one doing my c-section.

Let the countdown begin.


Anonymous said...

"What's all this about the Presidential erection?"

"...never mind."

It's good to have an end date. And one that isn't too far away, even.

Anonymous said...

That's 4 days before Nemo's second birthday. So soon! Glad you feel good about the new doctor - that would have caused me no end of anxiety. I am so sorry your doctor had to quit practicing, though. How hard for her.