Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guest blogger

It's finally happened! I was asked to be a guest blogger - it's only taken two years of blogging. Today I'm the guest blogger over at The Fish Pond for Fishy Girl, who is on vacation at a house without Internet access. Who knew such a place existed? I was so excited when Fishy Girl asked me to write something for her blog, but then the pressure kicked in. I spent a week writing and deleting posts. I was trying to be witty and clever and just like MadMad, but then I gave up and decided to just be me.

I sometimes think Fishy Girl and I were separated at birth because we have so much in common. She has four kids; I have a fourth on the way. She used to be an English teacher; I'm the daughter of an English teacher and a hopeless grammarian. She used to be a Stampin Up! rep; I've spent WAY too much money on Stampin Up! products. You get the idea.

Because Fishy Girl has four kids, she's really the only one whose advice I listen to when I start to freak out about having a fourth kid - she's already been there, done that and has lived to tell the tale. She's talked me off a ledge a number of times when I've been in panic mode about how on earth I'm going to manage four kids ages 8 and under.

So if you have a few minutes, head on over the Fish Pond and check it out. And if you're one of Fishy Girl's readers visiting me - Welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and nose around for a while.


The Kretzings said...

Loved your guest appearance!

And I was just about to ask you how went the first week of school, but you answered it in The Fish Pond.

Anonymous said...

Just being you is always the right way to go. I wouldn't have asked if I wouldn't have been happy with anything you wrote. You did great, and I really appreciate it.