Friday, July 18, 2008

More knitting

I finished my sherbert socks with the Flat Feet yarn. I'm itching to get my hands on more of the stuff, but none of the local yarn shops carry it yet. My mom sent me this batch, and she said her local yarn shop sells out of it as fast as it arrives.

My mom brought me this beautiful stuff to make a hat or two for Baby Bee. It's from a South African company called Be Sweet, and it's just the softest, fluffiest wool you can imagine. This skein is called a Magic Ball and the colorway is Nemo's World. I have a pattern ready to use to make the baby hat.

While she was here, mom and I also visited a relatively new yarn shop called Gauge that's dangerously close to my house. I spotted this Lorna's Laces wool and just had to have it. I'm planning to make myself a pair of socks (anyone know of any good toe-up patterns?) with it. I'm curious to see how it will stripe up.

But before I start the baby hat or the new socks for me, I have to knit Ella some stripey socks like I knit for Lily. I had three different colorways of SuperSocke wool, and I let Ella pick what she wanted. She's opted for what I call "Dobby" socks, with the pair made from two different colorways. I've already cast on the first sock, and she is just thrilled.


O'Pine said...

Take pics of the dobby socks!!! Will that make Ella a "dobbysoxer?"

MadMad said...

They had a similar product (I don't know if it was called flat feet, but it was the same thing) at Webs when I visited. Check them out online: or call to see if you can order it.