Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ten inches

That's how much I cut off my hair this week. Ten whole inches. I'd been growing it out so that I could make a donation to Locks of Love, and I am very glad that it was finally long enough. I had had enough of drowning in my hair.

I go through this cycle every five years or so, where I'll grow my hair long and then lop it all off. This time I decided to cut it all off for a purpose.

There have been some disasters of short hair cuts in the past. My hair isn't straight, but it isn't curly either - it's more lumpy than anything - and it's hard to predict what will happen when I cut it short.

Here I am with long hair.
Here are the two pony tails. I have pretty thick hair, so my hairdresser was able to divide it into two big chunks. Everyone in the shop gathered around when she pulled out the scissors and did the cutting. I closed my eyes.
And here I am with very, very short hair. I love it, even if my face does look like a big round moon pie these days. I think all the weight I've gained has gone straight to my cheeks.

The reviews from other people have been mixed, though. My husband HATES it. Of course, if he had his way, I'd have hair down to my rear end. What is it with men and long hair? The girls keep asking when and if my hair is going to grow back. Campbell is oblivious.

My friends have been kinder. They all say it looks great, and maybe they are lying to me, but I don't care. I'll take the positive comments where I can get them.


Anonymous said...

I think it looks just fine - it suits the shape of your face. I need to let mine grow a bit longer before I donate, because I cannot pull off a very short hairdo.

I have no idea what it is with men and long hair. But I have a pair of photos that explains two reasons why Willem didn't mind the first time I donated:



Memarie Lane said...

Wow, you look so much younger! I don't know what the deal is with men and hair either. When I met Brad I had very short hair. I grew it out then chopped it off again and he got mad! WTH?

Becca said...

It looks great and I'm definitely not lying!! I had butt-length hair and chopped it all off on my 30th birthday, so I speak from experience.

Do you still pour a huge glob of shampoo out in the shower, then realize you only need a dab? I think the short do is downright sassy on you and I like it!

I see nothing resembling a Moon Pie in that photo, either.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like it! It looks good either way, just different, and there is no moon face at all. I have more of a moon face on a daily basis.

Husbands are funny about hair. I have mine long, almost always have, because it looks good long and doesn't look good short. My husband told me fairly early on in our marriage that if I ever cut my hair he'd divorce me. I've cut it, and we'll be married 15 years in October. I think it may go back to caveman days - they want to think they can just drag us off by our hair, even if we'd kick their asses if they even tried. Anyway, it looks cute. So there.

Shelly said...

I think it looks cute and fun and easy, which is the most important thing, especially for you! I much prefer short hair to long.

Liz in Ink said...

You look fab!