Sunday, August 17, 2008

Am I at the beach?

Really, can somebody tell me please if I am? Because I have yet to spend more than 5 minutes actually on the sand. And I haven't put more than my feet in the water.


Because Campbell.hates.the.beach.

Hates it as in starts screaming the second his toes touch the sand and climbs up my body if a ripple of water so much as comes within yard of him. Last night I wrote his reaction off to his being tired and hungry. But the same thing happened this morning, only more so.

He sat in my lap in a chair and sobbed uncontrollably. When I tried to interest him in digging in the sand, he shrieked even louder when a few molecules of sand on the shovel transferred themselves to his hand.

So I gave up and lugged him back up to the house, with him shrieking the whole way. He didn't stop crying until I got him inside and out of his bathing suit.

I let him noodle around for a while before attempting to settle him down for a nap. It took an hour for him to fall asleep, and the nap lasted all of 30 minutes because Lily came up from the beach and burst into the room yelling.

So I'm in a dandy mood, trying not be a little black rain cloud of doom, squelching everyone else's fun.


Memarie Lane said...

I hate the beach too. Too bad I can't watch him for you so you can enjoy yourself!

katesaid said...

OhMiGawd, quick, dump all people under the age of 21 on your husband, a mailman, whoever, and rush thyself to a beach for the day. All by yourself. Then come home and act all relaxed (*act*, because of course it'll be a horrible strain for you to make such a sacrifice) and talk about how much fun it all was.

Even if it doesn't work to win him over, you'll snag a good, alone-time sort of day out of it. All in the name of a good cause.

Becca said...

oh no, this is my fear. we're are going to hawaii in sept and i fear the boy will do that. butt here is a pool, and he loves pools, so I guess i can sit by the pool...phew!