Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The stars aligned . . . almost

After a month-long spell of solid running, I've slipped back to struggling to even get out the door. There are all sorts of reasons - Campbell wasn't sleeping, kids were sick, Brandon was out of town, it was raining - but mostly they were excuses. So late last week I decided to make Monday my re-start date.

And the stars aligned . . . almost. Amazingly, Campbell slept through the night, and so did I. Usually, when he sleeps through, I wake up every hour or so to listen for him making noise over the monitor. So I woke up Monday morning after 7 hours of GOOD sleep an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I got up, got dressed in running clothes and fed Campbell. He cooperated by eating and going right back to sleep. I did a very quiet little happy dance in the living room and went to get my running shoes off the front porch. And that's when it started raining.

I'll run in the rain, to a point. A little mist or drizzle is fine. Even a light sprinkle doesn't bother me much. But it was pouring. So I grumbled and went back inside to read the paper. About fifteen minutes later the rain stopped, so I bolted out the door. I only had 20 minutes before I needed to get Ella up, so I didn't waste any time rounding up my iPod or stretching - I just ran. And surprisingly, despite a week's layoff, it was a great run. I pushed the pace, deciding to make the most of my limited time, and I felt great the whole way.

It was a good way to re-start my running come back, for the fourth or fifth time.

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