Monday, April 30, 2007

Just as it should be

Friday night, Ella's school had its big talent show. Ella's class did a group performance, which was very cute. After we watched her class and some other performances, we walked home with Heidi, Larsen and William. We also had Ella's friend Jacqueline, who was spending the night, with us. I laughed the whole way watching the kids. Ella and Jacqueline ran ahead; Jacqueline was holding her American Girl doll under one arm, and she and Ella were pulling J's rolling suitcase. They were running full tilt from corner to corner, with the suitcase banging along behind them. Lily followed closely behind, yelling "Hey wait for me!" every few steps. Behind her came William, who would have been yelling the same thing if he could.

As Brandon, Heidi and I walked along, pushing babies in strollers, watching the kids running, and greeting neighbors, it struck me that everything was just as it should be. We were walking home from our neighborhood school with our kids, saying hi to friends and neighbors, enjoying the nice evening. We just don't come across situations like that much anymore, and maybe we should.

Overall, it furthered my committment to stay in this neighborhood for as long as possible. It's the right place for us and for our kids.

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Seamus O'Pine said...

Moments like this really reaffirm what "family values" are. Not the rubbish foisted upon us by zealots. What a great moment. thanks for sharing.