Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is it time for school yet?

The girls may not survive summer vacation. Today is the first real day, and they've already driven me around the bend. We spent Sunday and Monday up at the lake, so they had lots of entertainment. But today the reality of normal life hit, and it wasn't pretty. The day started with them crashing into our bedroom to tell on each other. I sat bolt upright in bed and yelled, "Get out of here now!" Once I woke up fully, I had a discussion with them about the appropriate ways to let me know they're awake in the morning.

I sent them in to clean their room a little later, and that didn't go well. Ella does pretty well if I give her specific tasks - like pick up all the dominos, pick up all the books, etc. But she has to come report on a regular basis that Lily isn't doing what I've asked her to do. Ella made good progress this morning until I suggested that she straighten up her desk, which is covered with papers and art work. Somehow, everything got scattered all over the floor again. I'm going to have to go in with a trash bag and take over.

Right now, they're at Heidi's while I'm getting work done and cleaning up the rest of the house. But there is the potential for a looonnnggg afternoon ahead of us. Heidi said she's going to make a daily summer schedule, similar to what they have at school - art time, reading time, cleaning time - and I think it's a good idea. The girls really do need structure in their lives.

Fortunately, Lily goes back to school on Thursday, and they both start swim lessons on Monday. I think things will get a bit easier when they have some scheduled activities in their lives. If that doesn't work, I may resort to locking them in their room and throwing food in once in a while.

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