Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The doldrums

We’ve hit the low point of the summer. We’re all bored and tired and hot. Going to the pool isn’t as much fun as it was a few weeks ago; it’s too hot to ride bikes and scooters; watching hours of Scooby Doo just isn’t as appealing.

I’m spending my days refereeing fights over who did what to whom, negotiating just how long a “turn” on the computer is, and listening to the kids tell me they’re bored every 30 seconds. To keep kips entertained I’ve resorted to doing things like taking them to the Snake Farm and to see movies (I hate movies and snakes). But I’m running out of options.

The good news is that I leave at o’dark hundred on Friday to go to Los Angeles for a few days. It will be cool there. And I won’t have four kids to take care of. I may never come back.

In the meantime, a cute hedgehog picture.



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Ann in NJ said...

They don't spend all their time reading enlightening books and engaging in healthy exercise?

Don't worry, mine don't either. They're just a little older so I don't have too referee too many fights (all verbal, no physical). And they've figured out that if they disappear into their rooms they can avoid being dragged into chores. Because if you tell your parents you are bored, they will FIND something for you to do.