Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because I have to worry about something

Next Wednesday I am flying with the four kids to Atlanta for a two-week visit – without B. His work schedule is insane, and he can’t get away. He may fly up for a weekend if possible, but it will be just me and four kids each way.

I’m not worried about the big girls – they are traveling pros. And Campbell will be so thrilled to be on a plane that he’ll be fine. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is the wild card. Last summer she screamed during the entire flight home – not crying, top-of-her-lungs screaming. This year I’m packing every treat I can think of to keep her happy. Sure she’ll be hopped up on sugar by the time we get to my parents’ house, but at least I won’t be in danger of being stoned to death by irate passengers.


The one thing I’m really worried about is our seats. Currently, the five of us are assigned seats in five different rows. The idea of not being able to sit with at least Campbell and Elizabeth is giving me panic attacks (which isn’t actually that hard to do these days).

I called Delta earlier this week and spoke with a woman who, based on her accent, was in India. I explained the situation, and she assured me that “Delta places family first” and that they’d take care of the situation at the airport. I told her that if they didn’t, when I got on the plane I’d hand the screaming toddler to the nicely dressed businessman sitting next to her and wish him luck. The lady didn’t laugh. Maybe my humor didn’t translate to her customer-service level of English.

The lady repeated several times that “Delta places family first” and that we’d be sitting together on the plane.

I posted about it on Facebook and had lots of people reassure me that they’d had the same thing happen and the airlines took care of it.

But because I am a world-class worrier, especially now that I’m not on my anti-anxiety meds (more on that another day), I’m still worried about this. I’m worried that we’ll get to the airport and all the seats on the plane will already be assigned and they won’t be able to move at least Campbell and Elizabeth next to me. I’m worried that Delta’s solution will be to tell me to ask other passengers to switch and none of them will. I’m worried that our only options will be to sit apart or take a different flight, with lots of extra fees attached.

It’s a good thing my parents will be meeting us at baggage claim in Atlanta. I think I may be too drunk and frazzled to manage without their help.


Anonymous said...

All of the advice you've been given is correct. They will fix it for you at the gate. Stop worrying and don't sweat the small stuff - it's only a 2 hour plane ride right?

Heather Hitchcock said...

If Anne Frank could still believe people were kind, we can too. People will give up their seats. There are kind people in the world.

Susan said...

Stress is not good for you! My motto is plan ahead and believe it will all be ok. And planning doesn't equal worrying.

Baino said...

Oh you'll be fine. How long's the flight? Try 28 hours with a 5 year old now that's taxing. Trust me, lots of nibblies, crayons and dare I say it a good dose of Panquil