Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Total Confusion

I have two neighbors, who are both all kinds of awesome, and who both have the same name. For the sake of maintaining their privacy, I’ll call them both Lucy: Lucy F and Lucy S.  And I’ll call Lucy F’s husband Fred.

This morning I sent Lucy F a text asking to borrow a sippy cup of milk, which kicked off the following text exchange.

Me: Can I borrow a sippy cup of milk?

Lucy F: I’m in Beijing right now. What time should I expect you? Can you call Lucy to ask her?

Me: WHAT? When did you go to Beijing? Where are the boys?

Lucy F: I left last Friday. The boys are home but have been gone a lot, I think. Off to Shanghai tomorrow. Hong Kong on Saturday and back on Wednesday. This summer is nuts.

Me: So does that mean you’re not home for the splash party on Friday? Who is with the boys?

Lucy F: I won’t be there. Lucy is with the boys (unless I am missing something?).

Me: Lucy S?

Lucy F: This is Fred, Heather. Did you think you were texting Lucy F?

Me: Yes. D’oh.

Fred: OK. I’m looking back and the chain and am laughing my butt off. Too funny. You thought I was asking you to call Lucy S. You and both Lucys will have a good laugh over this.


I was simultaneously horribly embarrassed and cracking up. I’m sure Fred was wondering why the heck I was asking him for milk instead of his wife and thinking I was pretty dim. Both Lucys and I did indeed have a good laugh.

Modern communication isn’t so wonderful sometimes.


knittergran said...

Maybe it's the heat!

FranceRants said...


Ann Imig said...

We need a whole new Emily Post, don't we.

So funny!

Susan said...

I can't believe he carried on such a long correspondence without telling you!

Heather Hitchcock said...

At least it isn't as bad on my cousin (who's an elementary teacher) phone update on Facebook...she meant to say "Ahhh, pedis and massages" and it auto corrected to "Ahhh, penis and massages."

Some of her students are friends with her on FB. Oh my.

Alexandra said...

At least you have the excuse of not having a visual.

I do this with the person RIGHT in front of my face.

Old age.

IT's happening.

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

You could have played it off like you knew exactly what you were doing - Oh Fred, everyone knows the milk in Shanghai is far superior to Texas milk.

Becky said...

Lucy who? I clearly need more coffee and then will read this post again.

Seamus O'Pine said...

Um . . . Fred was ETHEL'S husband. Ricky was Lucy's husband.