Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Q R Yes


No reason for posting this other than it makes me giggle every time I watch it.


Becca said...

footie jammies make me hungry to gobble up babies!!!!

knittergran said...

She not only talks???!!! She sings too????
I want to come see her!

ckh said...

She's so precious! Oh my gosh. :)

Ann in NJ said...

Oh, I miss those beautiful days! Now we have Algebra II and Latin and you just can't sing about those things.

I especially like "J K L and a P".

Nik Bungum said...

see try's to say "next time sing with me" but it sounds like "next time sleep with me"... pretty skampy for a toddler :P

--my best, Nik

yogurt said...

H, I, J, K, Allen wanna pee. What?