Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogger’s Block

I’m suffering a bit of blogger’s block these days. Everything I start to write turns out whiny and cranky and mean. So I’m going to opt to not write anything until I can mange to be a little more upbeat, or at the very least, not so cranky.

See you soon. I hope.


Unknown said...

I'll be here when you're de-cranked. As for me, i just got nothin'.

Seamus O'Pine said...

But you are always whiny, cranky and mean! it's why I tune in. ; )

Write what you know, darlin'. Do a series of 4 posts, one each on the cutest thing your kids have done. Or do a post on a woman you admire who has died.

Or update us on how the suburban house hunt (shudder) is going.

Or just take a well-deserved break. xo

Alexandra said...

There is nothing wrong with a break.

I took 2 weeks off straight in August.

I just couldn't make my sentences make any sense...

Baino said...

A change is as good as a holiday they say. I'm a bit like that myself and have considered giving up the personal blog completely since I only post once or twice a week. I guess it's only vanity that keeps me going. Take it easy, you have a lot on your plate.

ckh said...

I'm with you. Block-a-rama.