Saturday, October 02, 2010

With a little help from my friends

According to my self-imposed training schedule for the NYC Marathon, I was scheduled for 16 miles this morning. I was dreading it a little bit, especially after having the wheels come off last weekend. I really, really didn't want to run endless miles alone in the dark again.

But then my wonderful running friends saved the day.

One e-mailed and said she'd meet me at 5:45 for my first few miles. And then Liz from Peace, Love and Guacamole volunteered to show up for the early shift, too. I ended up getting to the Trail early, so I ran a warm-up mile before meeting up with Liz and J. Then the three of us set off on the four-mile loop. It was just so lovely to be running with friends and having people to talk to. I didn't even notice as the miles went by.

We got back to the start of the Trail at 6:30, and Liz headed for home. But J and I were joined by several other friends, and we headed out for the five-mile loop. We were running east as the sun was coming up, and the Austin skyline looked so beautiful with its bright orange backdrop. And again, I didn't even notice the miles.

When we got back to the start of the Trail, it was filled with lots and lots of runners dressed in yellow in honor of Livestrong Day. After saying chatting with friends for a few minutes, I grabbed gatorade and gu and started my final six miles solo.

I really didn't mind being alone for the last bit of the run. In fact, I preferred it that way. I knew I would be slowing down and walking here and there, and I didn't want to have to worry about keeping up with anyone. So I popped on my iPod and enjoyed my run.

Having company for the first 10 miles got me through the toughest part of the run - the part where the little voices in my head start telling me that I'm not going to make it and that I am crazy for even attempting such a thing. By the time I only had six miles left, I knew I had the run in the bag, and I could ignore the voices.

After I finished, I stopped at a quickie mart for some grapefruit juice and headed home to an empty, silent house. B and the big three are camping for the weekend, and Elizabeth spent the night with my mother-in-law. I was able to take an hour-long nap in peace and quiet.

This was one of those mornings that makes me really love my friends, running, Austin and life in general.


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