Saturday, September 25, 2010

And then the wheels came off

After last Saturday’s great 14 mile run, I was looking forward to an easy 10 this morning. I started off really well, too. I headed out at 5:30 to run the Windsor Loop, which is probably my favorite route. The moon was still up, providing plenty of light, and while it was humid, it wasn’t hot. I felt really strong through the whole run, even on the hills. Life was good.

But then I got back to the Trail, and things went downhill. I grabbed a drink from the car and this gooey energy gel – it’s time for me to start experimenting with eating on my longer runs – and waited for running friends to show up. My plan was to hop in with the group for part of whatever their run was. But no one showed up.

So I trudged off by myself, muttering about how tired I am of running by myself in the dark on the Trail, choosing not to remember that it’s my own damn fault I’m by myself because I opted not to join any of the training groups in town. I had decided to do at least three more miles before calling it a day.

But after half a mile, the wheels just came off, and I fell apart, physically and mentally. My stomach cramped up enough that I was doubled over on the side of the Trail. That’s when I decided to turn around and head for the car.

It really shouldn’t surprise me that the run was a disaster. I had a terrible migraine last night, one that involved wicked visual distortions and throwing up, which meant I didn’t eat any dinner to speak of. I also slept terribly. I had actually turned off my alarm, but I woke up at 5:00 anyway, so I headed out for the run.

I know I could have slogged along and finished out the distance, but it just didn’t seem worth it this morning. Some days, knowing when to stop is a victory. I’m just glad this didn’t happen with one of my “long” runs. Next Saturday I’m scheduled to do 16 miles, and I have to get the wheels back on by then.


Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Doing ANYTHING the day of a migraine hangover is a victory.

Alexandra said...

You know what, I'm with Lisa. The day after a migraine, I just do nothing. It's like my body needs it.

Glad it's only temporary. I was worried you'd tell us you had a sprain!!!!

Ann in NJ said...

Sounds like it was mostly good, and a little (really) bad. I'd call that overall in the good category, and agree with Lisa and the Empress above!

(the word verification is "likestry". Sounds like an interesting field of study!)

anymommy said...

Ugh. I had trouble getting past the part where you got up at 5:00 a.m. Seriously, you are my hero.

ckh said...

I'm sorry to hear about your run. I wish that we could feel good when we want to feel good. I hate when I want to do stuff and I feel like crap.

wendi said...

You're gonna kill this week with the weather change. I just know it.

Tina said...

I am not a runner so I can't relate but I can only imagine that it is common to have running days like that. Hang in there! You are amazing for even attempting this! :)

Susan said...

Good for you knowing that there are days you have to give yourself a rest. You'll be stronger for it the next time out. Take care.