Friday, October 15, 2010

Bubble and his Bean


Campbell and Elizabeth, whom we call “The Bean,” have a complex relationship. She absolutely adores her big brother, but she also gets so mad at him when he takes away his toys or locks her out of his bedroom so that he can build Legos in peace and quiet. Likewise, Campbell absolutely loves Elizabeth and is very protective of her, except when she is messing with his Legos.

Elizabeth’s vocabulary is exploding these days. She adds at least one new word a day. Sometime in the past two weeks she started calling Campbell “Bubble.” It took me a few days to realize that Bubble meant Campbell.

It is beyond cute when Elizabeth holds out her hand to Campbell and says “C’mere Bubble!”

The other day I made the mistake of calling Campbell Bubble, and he chastised me for it. “No, Momom. My name is Steven Campbell Gardner. Only Beanie calls me Bubble.”


Unknown said...

So Sweet!

The Kretzings said...

Very sweet! That is a GREAT picture, by the way.

We have a Beanie (Charlotte) and a Bubble (Bree) in our house too. Although our Bubble got her name b/c of the bubbles she blows.

Anonymous said...

Cracks me up!!!

ckh said...

Oh my gosh that is too cute! Don't you just love when they show affection for each other?