Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two lessons learned

We went to a local pool this morning with friends. It was the first time we'd been to that particular pool, but it won't be the last. It's the perfect place for me to take my three. The shallow part is shallow enough for Campbell to wade around. The deep end is deep enough to keep Ella entertained, and the middle is the perfect depth for Lily, whose swimming skills increased exponentially during my father's visit. If he had stayed an extra two days, he would have had her doing laps.

But Campbell and Ella learned two important lessons this morning.

Campbell learned that it's a bad idea to pick up honey bees. There was one on the edge of the pool, and Campbell decided to play with it. Two seconds later, he was screaming, holding out his index finger. I pulled the stinger out, and the lifeguards gave me some stuff to help with the pain. But the poor little guy was miserable the rest of the time we were there. His index finger is swollen and hot to the touch, but he won't let me touch it to put anything on it. I'll have to wait until he's asleep and sneak up on him.

Ella learned that it's a bad idea to shinny up a tree while wearing a bikini. She got about 10 feet up an oak tree but then couldn't get back down without ripping the skin on her belly to shreds. I ended up having to rescue her by holding her hands while she jumped down. As it was, her stomach has a few scratches on it.

But unlike Campbell, I'm guessing Ella will learn from her experience. I don't think I can say the same about Campbell and bugs.


Anonymous said...

eeeeyyeeeeee ow. Poor things. I'm glad Campbell isn't allergic to bee stings.

Can your dad come visit me and teach my kids how to swim? Please? They all need to learn, and they are far too dependent on their floaty arm thingies.

Keeffer said...

first the bike, now swimming. what will lily learn from dad next?

Becca said...

oh man the things kids do huh? mine tired to ride one of the dogs like a horse last night5 and was SHOCKED when he was bucked off!!