Friday, November 03, 2006

The Best Store in the World

I've decided that Nordstrom is the best store in the world. Granted, they don't have a lot of clothes I'd wear, and the children's department is tiny, but they do have several things going for them. First, the women's bathroom. It has a nice little area for moms to sit in and feed their babies and a very clean diaper-changing area. I was in there today with a hungry baby and was able to sit in a comfy chair in a quiet room and feed Campbell - it was far better than sitting in the car and feeding him.

The second thing is the shoe department. I used to say I wasn't a shoe person, but now I realize I always have been. In the past though, my love of shoes was purely for running shoes. I always had five or six pairs stashed in the closet. Now, however, I've discovered there are far more interesting shoes to spend my money on. Every time I go to Nordstrom I fall in love with a new pair. Several months ago, I saw a pair of pink Dansko clogs that I just drooled over. I decided to wait a while before buying them. I went in today to get them, but the pink shoes weren't on display. I decided to try on the green ones instead. The saleman came out with the bad news that he didn't have the green clogs in my size, and then he opened a box with the PINK ones and asked if those were OK instead. I did a little happy dance.

The kids' shoe department is also excellent, if expensive. I have a hard time paying a ton of money for shoes the girls are going to outgrow or destroy in a matter of months. But when they have shoe sales for kids, they really have sales.

The last reason that Nordstrom is the best store is the staff. I've never dealt with a rude or snobby or unhelpful person there. It's nice to go to a store where I know I'll get good service; it's so rare these days.

So there it is, my blatant plug for Nordstrom.

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t. Cooke said...

My mom used to love Nordstrom's shoe department. I've turned into more of a guy, I guess. I've been doing my clothes shopping at target.