Friday, January 18, 2013

When good yarn goes bad

Despite my annual Thanksgiving declaration that I am not knitting anything for anyone at Christmas because I don't have time, I spent the month of December knitting every chance I had. I knit while cooking dinner. I knit while at red lights. I knit in the Nutcracker pick-up line. And it worked. I managed to produce a silk scarf, a shawl, a hat, and a pair of fingerless gloves in record time.

I'm still on a post-Christmas knitting kick. I finished a pair of socks that have been riding around in my purse for months. The yarn is Unisono Zitron, which is one of my favorites, even if the skein isn't enough for two long socks. I love the rich colors and the way they stripe up. They ended up being a little snug on me, so I gave them to a friend for a very late birthday present.

While knittergran was here at Christmas, we had to go to Hill Country Weavers down on S. Congress. I walked in swearing that I would not buy a thing, but I walked out with some fabulous sock yarn.

It's Prism, colorway Maui. The photo really doesn't go it justice. I love the bold colors and couldn't wait to see how they looked in sock form.

Eh. I'm not so thrilled. The stripes are too small and the colors are muddy. But I'm knitting away. Be nice to me. Maybe you'll end up with the socks.

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