Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It’s always something

We’re settling into life in our cute little rental house and back into the routine of school/ballet/rock climbing, and I couldn’t be happier. I thrive on routine, much like a toddler.

Even though things are somewhat “normal,” life is by no means dull.

Sunday night brought this exchange.

Campbell: Mom, can we play in the tree fort?

Me: No!

B: Why not? Why can’t they go out in the yard?

Me: Because it’s too frikken hot out.

Campbell: Mom, I just felt outside, and it’s not frikken hot. It’s warm.

B: You are SO busted.

Monday afternoon, Elizabeth managed to lock one of the bedroom doors and pull it shut as she left the room. Ella and I spent ages monkeying with the knob, trying to pop the lock. We even experimented with the other door knobs and were able to successfully unlock them. B got home and gave it try, muttering under his breath the whole time.

He wasn’t successful either.

So I called in the local locksmith, who showed up two hours later. And really, there are not many more discouraging things for a locksmith to say than, “Wow. I’ve never seen one like this before.”

After 15 minutes of messing with the knob, practicing on the other knobs, and lots of muttering, the locksmith finally popped the lock open. The mechanism inside the knob was warped, which is why it was so hard to open.

We have now removed all the little screws that lock the doors shut and stored them someplace out of Elizabeth’s reach. And the $80 locksmith fee is so coming out of her allowance.


knittergran said...

She's not even three and she gets an allowance? I want to live at your house!

Unknown said...

i hear you on the language. i have given up trying to curb mine, and have explained to Jed that there are words he will hear that he is not allowed to repeat because they upset people when kids say them (and that's what i'll tell the judge...)

Runner Dude said...

When H was in kindergarten my car broke down on the way to taking her to school. She was very disappointed and used a "big person's word" to describe her disappointment. I explained that there were some words that just should not be used by people her age. She then asked if she could use the word, "swerts" when she was mad. I told her she could and she never did use it.

Becky said...

Another way we are twins. I LOVE routine. I also am happy that summer is winding down and things will have ORDER!

p.s. I'm doing a rain dance for you and all your Texan friends.

Alexandra said...

80 bucks is a lot of money.

A lot.

And I love the exchange.

SO funny.

Susan said...

When our daughter hid all the little devices that unlocked the door to her room, my husband took the locking device out of her doorknob. Not sure if we would have paid a locksmith to do it, but it sure made a difference in her attitude!