Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Our divine neighbors kindly offered us their house for the two weeks that they are in the cool north. Staying here has been a huge help. We’re in our neighborhood, so the kids can see their friends, and B can keep an eye on the work going on at our house much more easily.

Along with taking care of the house, we’re watching their two dogs. Lily, who loves, loves, loves animals, is in absolute heaven having two dogs right here for her to hug and squeeze and call George.


Duncan is a West Highland Terrier and is still a puppy. He cracks me up in the mornings, running out the back door and leaping off the porch after the squirrels and birds that dared enter his yard. Who knew that such short little legs could jump so far.


Rugby is a Scottish Terrier and not so much a puppy anymore. He’s much more dignified than Duncan and lets us know it. He follows Duncan out the door in the morning with a look that says, “We both know he’s never going to catch a squirrel, but what can you do?”

The dogs love Lily as much as she loves them. Any time she sits on the sofa, at least one dog hops up next to her. When I sent Knittergran the picture of Lily with Rugby, her response was, “You’re going to end up with a puppy.” I think she’s right.


Becky said...

YAY! PUPPY! Can I have Lily for awhile? I need her to be Eddie's dog whisperer.

Unknown said...

lol. The "to call george" line cracked me up. Yay for old school cartoons.