Sunday, July 04, 2010

NYC Marathon Training - 18 weeks to go

Last week I wrote that I had my running mojo back, and I'm still feeling that way. I can now call myself a "runner" and not feel like a poser. Running at the gym really has reinforced that I am in decent running shape and that my problems really are all humidity related.

  • Tuesday - 4 miles, with Elizabeth. I tried out a new route, which I like. I'd also like the chance to run it without pushing Elizabeth.
  • Thursday - 5.25 miles, at the gym. It was so humid that the windows at the gym were completely fogged over. I was able to push hard on the last mile, which felt good.
  • Saturday - 5 miles, Windsor Loop. The Windsor Loop is one of my favorites - it's got a challenging number of hills in it. I had to walk a few times because I was wheezing, but I still finished strong. The humidity was terrible. I sweated so much that my shoes are still damp.
Even though I only ran three times, it was still a good running week for me. I'm starting to feel like just maybe I'll be able to pull of this crazy stunt.

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