Monday, July 19, 2010

Climbing Video

As promised to some of you via e-mail, here's a video of Ella's first climb at Nationals. She had three moves to the top when she fell. Her coach called it a "brain fart," because it looked to both of us like she just let go of the wall.

Still, it's an amazing climb. And there's no way in heck you'd catch me doing it.


knittergran said...

Don't use the words "fell" or "fall." Say "She stopped climbing."
Thank you.
Nervous Nellie Gran

Unknown said...


Holly said...

My hands get all sweaty just watching something like that. Sheesh.

Alexandra said...

What does Ella remember happening? I keep thinking, maybe her hands just gave out,you know?

What a tremendous climb. My boys adn I watched it, and they were rooting for her.

Baino said...

Gawd braver than I am gunga din. Wouldn't get me spideying up there that's for sure. Bless