Monday, June 15, 2009

The knitting groupy

Elizabeth is continuing in her quest to be photographed with famous knitters. First it was the Yarn Harlot two weeks ago. And Saturday it was Franklin, who was in town to teach a class and celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day.

We got to the Knitting Nest late in the day due to Ella's rock climbing competition in the morning (more on that tomorrow), but KIP was still in full swing. Franklin was sitting at a table with other knitters, chatting and knitting away. He gladly held Elizabeth and posed for pictures with her -he couldn't have been more charming. Elizabeth was fascinated with his beard.

Knittergran and I hung out and knit for as long as Elizabeth's patience lasted, which was about an hour. We also both scored skeins of Franklin's Panopticon yarn, which is beautiful. We also got signed knitting bags, and I got a book signed for Barb.

But now I think I'm out of famous knitters to take pictures of Elizabeth with. Does anyone know of any others I can stalk?


Unknown said...

oooh, Kaffee Fasset (sp?) I think he lives in Monterey, where I just was on vacation, the woman in the awesome yarn store there (even I , a non-knitter, said WOW when i walked in) said he comes into the store to chat all the time. Guess a trip to cali is in the cards (or maybe I should go back and take Elizabeth??)

wendi said...

Maybe it's time to start stalking famous crocheters?

donna said...

Too funny...and Elizabeth has way more hair than he does. :-)

Barb Matijevich said...

See, this is just the thing I miss about Austin...the laid back vibe at every gathering. The fact that you can go to something and there will only be a REASONABLE amount of people there.

You could, however, post a picture of Elizabeth with Knittergran.

PS: I'm so excited about my book! I will pay you back in sock yarn!